Reporting System
Counts the statistics of your impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions. It also calculates your expenses, revenues, and net profit.
Live Traffic Distribution
With our boxes logic you will be able to distribute your traffic based on countries, priority, cap limits, days and hours.
PostBacks system
Fire S2S postbacks for your affiliate's 3rd party tracking system. Your affiliates will be able to sync their tracking system with your Trackbox.
It allows you to easily view your leads information including their sale status.

Create and manage your users inside the system. Choose what your affiliate managers will be able to see in order to make their work easier.
You are able to create offers for your affiliates. Let them choose which offers they would like to publish. All within 3 clicks.
SMS Autoresponder
With SMS marketing, you can send SMS to the leads that are already in your system or live SMS to new leads that just registered.
?? Distribution channels are intended to limit the number of transactions. Re-distribution, though, means the opposite 🙂 ??